ADA Parking and Drop-Off

PVDFest offers a designated ADA drop-off and pick-up area, as well as parking options, for patrons with disabilities. ADA parking is located primarily on Dyer Street. Check the festival map for more information.

ADA Info Tent and Wheelchair Rental

The PVDFest ADA Info Tent is operated by R.A.M.P. (Real Access Motivates Progress), a disability advocacy organization, in partnership with PVDFest. Located at the west side of the Michael S. Van Leesten Memorial Bridge, the ADA Info tent offers wheelchair rentals, information about accessible restrooms, and is staffed by R.A.M.P personnel who can provide resources and recommendations to patrons navigating PVDFest. Check out the R.A.M.P. website for more information about the organization and their role at PVDFest.

Sensory Signage and Information

New at PVDFest –sensory advisory signs! This year, PVDFest is partnering with Spectrum Theatre Ensemble (STE), a RI-based neurodiverse theatre company, to implement signage indicating sensory impact levels at various festival performance areas. A red sign indicates intense sensory elements, a yellow sign indicates moderate sensory elements, and a green sign indicates minimal sensory elements. There is also a designated sensory relaxed zone, away from the performance areas. Scroll through the festival’s digital map to find the sensory indicators, and keep an eye out for signage throughout the festival footprint! Stop by a PVDFest Info Booth and ask us about this and other sensory accommodations available.

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