Experience PVDFest 2020

Submit by December 15, 2019 to Participate in PVDFest 2020 (June 11-14)

PVDFest is a free, four-day festival in downtown Providence, RI.

PVDFest 2020 is all about a dynamic, interactive experience! Whether you are a festival lover, a volunteer, a local performer, or international artist, PVDFest brings a world-class experience right into the heart of downtown Providence, RI.

This year’s festival is focused on strategically curating performances while finding new ways to engage every creative pursuit. Here are some of the ways you can be a part of PVDFest 2020:


This year we are trying something new. We are going to have a good old-fashioned battle of the bands.

Traditional & Heritage Performance

PVDFest showcases talents and cultures from around the world and around the corner right here in Providence.


Choreographers & Dance

Choreographers and dance groups are challenged each PVDFest with the opportunity to showcase their art to new, engaging crowds. This year, PVDFest will have a dedicated dance stage with tech.

Young Peformers

Youth (K-12) dance, performance, cheer and music programs are challenged each PVDFest with the opportunity to showcase their art to new, engaging crowds. This year, PVDFest will have a dedicated stage for young performers.


PVDFest is full of happenings! We welcome your ideas for spontaneous theatrical and artistic performances involving audience participation.


PVDFest welcomes writers to express themselves through written word, spoken pieces, or other mediums for showcasing their art the way they think is best!

Curators + Emerging Producers

PVDFest wants to empower artists and visionaries to curate art and control space on the festival footprint. Curators and producers will be awarded grants if selected.

I Want To Be Involved

Don’t know where you’d fit but have an experience you’d like to share?

Community Panel

PVDFest 2020 is dedicated to ensuring participants and festival goers have a world-class experience. Be a part of our strategic curation of performances and stages for this year’s festival.


PVDFest embraces buskers and would love to know if you’re thinking of joining us so we can share vital schedule and location information with you.


Live music, dance, food, and visual art installations transform the city in a four-day, multi-arts take-over of public spaces, parks, and outdoor stages in the heart of Providence, Rhode Island.

Craft Merchants

Artists will be set up on Westminster Street between Dorrance Street and the Turks Head building and on Dorrance Street at the intersection.  Come browse the best in local goods from all over New England curated by Craftland.

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