June 1st, 8:30AM, Aurora, 276 Westminster St.

$45 Regular Rate | $30 Artists, Designers, Students, Nonprofit Rate
Tickets at: https://firstworks.secure.force.com/ticket/#sections_a0FA000000KDeGuMAL

PVDFest is proud to announce that our inaugural conference of ideas. Join us and connect with community members, artists, makers from different backgrounds.

The day will begin with a panel of makers and thought pioneers moderated by Christina Bevilacqua, discussing the past, the now and the future:

  • Brian Jepson, RI Maker Faire Pioneer
  • Howie Sneider Executive Director of the Steelyard
  • Morgan Grefe, RI Historical Society
  • DS Kinsel FUTUREMAKERS Lab in Philadelphia

Find out what national thought leaders are thinking about. Keynote by Dorothy Jones- Davis, a co-founder and co-producer of the National Maker Faire, the DC Mini Maker Faire, and the #MakerMap. Dorothy is deeply interested in finding ways to create connections between a diversity of makers, leveraging their collective skills to harness solutions for the world’s challenges – grand and small.

Explore what it means to “make.” What is the community’s role in nurturing and fostering a creative communal space? What’s next? Be a part of a conversation between Shey Rivera, AS220 Artistic Director and artist, and Matthew Manos, an award-winning design strategist, social entrepreneur, and educator. Challenge preconceived notions. Raise the important questions. Bring new ideas to the forefront. This conference is committed to introducing new voices, engaging with diverse perspectives, and finding innovative and pragmatic solutions to the challenges within our communities in Rhode Island. Bring your own questions to the open mic hosted by John Taraborelli.

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