FurtiveMovement-UseA Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce

A Furtive Movement: The Use of Farce” is set in an alternate future that parallels our present, where over one thousand people are killed by the police every year, told from the perspective of one of the victims of the State whose death inspired protest, riots, and the formation of a black billionaire super PAC that funnels dark money to radical community building organizations of color including a West African self-help guru, a girl scout troop that gives belts to thugs as well as the manufacturer of bulletproof hoodies.
Writer Vatic Tayari Kuumba
Director Ronald Kevin Lewis
with visual artists D.S Kinsel, Funmilayo Alieru, Kyle Green, and Priscilla Carrion
and actors Ari Brisbon, Shaffany Terrell, Esteban Coronado, Muggs Fogarty, Orlando Hernandez, Janay Pina, Becky Bass, Jay Walker, Elyssa Perez, Brian Folan, Slitty Wrist and Sylvia Anne Soares.
June 7 + 8 @ 7pm
June 10 @ 4pm and 7pm
87 Empire Street
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