PVDFest Ideas

Reimagining The Future

September 1 – October 1, 2022
WaterFire Arts Center
475 Valley St., Providence

PORTALES: Reimagining the Future is an art exhibit presenting the variety of ways that artists and organizers in Rhode Island have strengthened our communities during the multiple pandemics of 2020-2022. In moments of difficulty, we can see how art can turn into ‘community portals’ that help us envision better futures. For more information, please visit www.waterfire.org/portales


Work by:

Anjel Newmann (@anjelll.black), Eric Sung (@EsungArt), Janaya Kizzie, Jordan Seaberry, Justin Case, Marcus Bonnenberg, Shey Rivera Ríos, Sokeo Ros (@_sokeo_), Vatic Kuumba


Supported by:

@ProvidenceCol @waterfireartscenter @risca1967 @AS220_Galleries


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