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After Spirit
After Spirit

After Spirit: Channara Tom “Philly” Pheap; Community Conversation and Memorial

Victoria Xu (co-director), Vuthy Lay (co-director), Vatic Kuumba (artist), Cina Pheap (Sister of Channara), Sophea Pheap (Sister of Channara)

Artist Talk
9/19/2022 6pm – 7pm
Dirt Palace
14 Olneyville Square

After Spirit: Channara Tom “Philly” Pheap, is an altar composed of offerings accumulated from family, friends and community members over the course of 1111 days. A place created for his loved ones to reclaim Channara’s memory after he was murdered by the Knoxville Police Department. The gallery features a series of interviews, framed photographs and public shrines that invites others who have lost their own to state violence to also share with the public and learn about his story.


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