Local craft beer and pretzel hub The Malted Barley will be hosting a world-record setting competitive eating challenge. Ranked Major League Eaters, pretzel-enthusiasts, and PVDFest goers will be given the opportunity to partake in the first-ever Malted Barley World Pretzel-Eating Championship. The first world record in the pretzel-eating discipline will be made in the heart PVDFest’s beloved Food Village in Kennedy Plaza on Saturday, June 8. Competitors will have eight minutes to eat as many original Malted Barley Pretzels as they can.
“The Malted Barely is more than a craft beer and pretzel restaurant; it’s a place where people can reconnect with friends, relax after a long day, or get to know their neighbors,” said Malted Barley owner Ron Koller. “PVDFest’s celebration of food and community is a perfect fit with our brand. We are very excited to be participating in this year’s PVDFest with the first-ever, world-record setting Malted Barely Competitive Pretzel Eating Competition, sanctioned by the Major League Eating Federation.”
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