Providence based artist May BabcockThursday, May 16, 2019 | 4:30pm – 6:30pm

PVDFest public art alumna May Babcock and Rebecca Volynsky explore the concept of invasive beauty in distinct yet complimentary ways. Babcock harvests non-native plants from Rhode Island’s eddies and tide pools, pulping them into hand-made paper, or arranging them into painterly gelatinous forms. Her re-contextualization draws out the subtle patterns and delicate hues of oft-maligned flora. Volynsky’s murals and other painted works appropriate the language of the still life, rending bouquets and tessellating natural motifs in abstracted vibrant colors that invite viewers to sit next to and among them, but also to consider how floral abundance can be simultaneously soothing and overwhelming. Both artists transformed their public and studio practices through PVDFest Public Art commissions; in this joint exhibition, they draw with and pour paper pulp using Volynksy’s motifs, as well as the material properties of Eurasian Milfoil pondweed found at Lincoln Woods’ Olney Pond as inspiration. By allowing the paper, which also includes dead man’s fingers from South County’s salt ponds, and water chestnut from Valley Falls Pond in Central Falls, to dry into multi-dimensional, layered forms, Babcock and Volynksy create works that are at once connected to their previous efforts, and yet wholly new. ON VIEW: 5/16/19 through 8/12/19

PVDFest will also unveil merchandise for the 2019 festival designed by local artist Paris Paris! He will be doing a live screen printing of the design he created…a truly unique opportunity not to be missed!

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