This event has already happened and was part of Ideas Fest 2021.

Expanding the Biennial legacy by cultivating capacity for its sustainability, Providence Curates informs and strengthens curatorial practice. Three exhorting verbs rally partners and audience growth, summon change by igniting collaboration, and invite an emerging generation to realize its social justice commitments through dynamic art encounters.

Rather than being lost due to generational change, how can the spirit of earlier urban initiatives become building opportunities for what’s to come? What is the art of curating and how may it cultivate and inflect Providence’s legacy of art and experimentation? This public podcast features invigorated hands-on board members and commentators engaging in dialogue about how the capacity of contemporary art, when curated to explore compelling social quandaries, can provoke transformative experiences. It’s a spirited call to action and a commitment of Providence Curates to support contemporary art engagement across all borders, identities, and circumstances.

We collaborate with Trending Globally, Brown’s social sciences-oriented Watson Institute for International + Public Affairs. EXPAND – IGNITE – INVITE is hosted and posted by exceptional Sarah Baldwin whose serial podcasts offer keen insights on critical societal challenges, politics and policy; Board members Spencer Evans, Jonny Skye, Judith Tolnick Champa, and Melaine Ferdinand-King, Brown doctoral, Africana Studies.

You’ll be able to hear this podcast on 9/22 and following at this link or on your favorite podcast app by subscribing to “Trending Globally.”

Event image: Margery Winter, Detail, Mend a City, 2019, knitted and felted wool and acrylic wall hanging, Courtesy of the artist

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