March in our boisterous procession from Greene Street to Kennedy Plaza.  Play music on an instrument, be a walking DJ, dance alone or in a group, hula hoop, make a float, or drive your fabulous car; the opportunities to participate in the PVDFest parade are nearly limitless!

PVDFest Parade rules and regulations

Floats and Vehicles

  1.  Submission of theme must come with a drawing or picture of float/vehicle.
  2. No loudspeakers, PA systems, bullhorns etc.
  3. No solicitation of funds or donations.
  4. No distribution of goods, including but not limited to candies and pamphlets.
  5. Themes may not be sexual, political, or religious.
  6. Floats may not be taller than 13’ and 6” from the ground.
  7. Signage and sponsorships may only be displayed on the back of the float, and may measure no larger than 3’x5’.
  8. Drivers must be licensed to drive.
  9. Vehicles must be driven at or below 5 mph.
  10. Drivers must be able to maneuver around tight corners and navigate two-lane traffic without disrupting the flow of the parade.
  11. Floats may not stop suddenly or otherwise disrupt flow of parade without prior approval.


  1. Children 10 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  2. Groups of walkers accompanying vehicles must be limited to 25 persons.
  3. Any and all debris left behind must be dealt with by the groups themselves.

PVDFest Parade Route

PVDFest Parade Route

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